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E-Therapy also referred to as online therapy, is a newer form of counseling that uses the convenience of technology to interact with your therapist. Even the medical community are beginning see the efficacy and convenience and are utilizing telehealth strategies.

Tracy Kelso has been a certified E-Therapist (CET) since 2011 and utilizes teleconferencing, videoconferencing, online text/chat formats to engage in E-Therapy with her clients to help them reach their goals.

Advantages of E-Therapy

Allows a person to access therapy that may not have such services in their area. This is the case in some rural areas or limited amount of therapists in their area that have the specially that they are looking for in a counselor.

Increases accessibility for therapy to individuals who are disabled or housebound. Also for individuals with limited transportation or an inability to get to needed in office appointments for a variety of reasons.

It is affordable and convenient. Decrease out of pocket expenses as well as wait times for an appointment. Sometimes it can take several weeks to see a provider in an office.

E-therapy decreases time constraints such as work, childcare, travel time etc. It can be done anywhere: In the comfort of your own home; in your office; while traveling; or even waiting in the car line.

Decreases the stigma associated with going to therapy. Unfortunately a stigmas still exists when we start talking about mental health or addiction issues. Things are getting a little better as people are getting more and more educated but it s a slow process. You can virtually see a therapist and not have to worry about if someone will see you or having to tell your employer that you need time off to attend an appointment.

E-Therapy offers therapy for all, everywhere.

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Technology is a given

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